Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday Luke! 2 years out in the big world! What have you been up to?

Well, I'm talking in short sentences now. And here are a few of my pronunciations:

Erin: "ya ya"
Noah: "wa wa"
Lukie: "gookie"
Milk: "nowk"
Giraffe or Zebra: "bik-a-ba"

My favorite phrases are "No, me do it!" and "Tickle me now!!"

I'm quickly turning into the stereotypical two year old with my huge mood swings and melt-downs when I don't get what I want. But I'm also full of laughs and smiles and I love my family so much. I love making them laugh with my silliness.

I love copying my big brother and I'll do anything he tells me to, even if it gets me in trouble. And my big sister also loves playing with me and finds it amazing whenever I say something new (which is often).

My favorite toy is my piggie (Piglet) that I always have to sleep with. I love milk and having snacks. I also eat my dinners pretty well, too. I love playing outside, watching Disney's Mulan ("moo-yon"), seeing the "kitty cats" outside which belong to the neighbor, and reading lots of books.

I'm turning into a pretty cute kid and I think my parents have decided to keep me around.

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