Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Boring Espanol

We had our homeschooling co-op today (the kids and I call it "homeschooling class"). I have become the art teacher this year. I had fun earlier planning out lessons through Christmas, and now that we have had our 3rd art class, I'm seeing how all this will work in reality. It's actually going really well. The kids - even the young ones - are following instructions as they should. And I'm often impressed with their talents.

Today, however, we were rushed a bit cause we were adding in a Spanish class taught by an 80 year old woman from our church. She apparently speaks several languages and has taught/tutored Spanish during her life. A few other adults (from the church, I assume) joined us for this class, and so the biggest problem was that the instructor was gearing it towards an adult level. And she went on for an hour. Now, she did start with going over the alphabet sounds, but man, was that a boring hour! The kids amazingly sat still and quiet during all this.

Oh well.