Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just Go Naked

A week and a half ago we started potty training Noah. We took the same approach that we did with Erin. No real method, just putting them in cotton training pants and taking them to the potty when we think they may need to go.

This is difficult to start out with, since the whole thing is a guessing game for us, as only they know when they have to go potty.

For Erin, it took her several days of having some successes and some accidents to fully have it click that she needs to tell us before she pees. But after she got it, accidents quickly became fewer and fewer.

I expected Noah to follow something similar to this. But day after day, he was only having accidents, never telling us beforehand that he had to go. It was starting to get more and more frustrating for us, and after 8 days of this, we knew we had to change our approach.

Our neighbors are potty training their 2 1/2 year old boy at the same time we are. What she's doing, is having him go around without anything on and taking him to the potty at regular intervals until he goes. He is quickly having fewer accidents and actively telling her when he has to go.

The idea behind this, is that if they are wearing underwear, it makes them feel like they have on a diaper and they're more likely to pee in it. If there's nothing there, they probably don't want it to just go everywhere.

I thought we could give this a try. He's gone around bottomless for two days now and it's working! He's had a couple accidents, but mostly he's intentionally going to his little potty to use the bathroom. It's a complete change from the first 8 days.

I'm so relieved to be getting some progress. I certainly had thoughts of waiting to do this until later. But now I know he can do it!

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