Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Welcome to the family, Luke

Going 3 days past my due date, I was SO ready to have this baby. I'm glad, though, that labor started on it's own instead of having to be induced...even though it did start at 3am.

As Sean's post said earlier, that's when I woke up to contractions after my water (mildly) broke. They very quickly were close together and getting somewhat strong. I had no doubt it was time to get our butts to the hospital.

We checked in around 4:15 and got settled in our room. About 2 hours later I was ready to get the epidural. The pain level was rising quickly, no need to let them get too painful if I had already decided to get the drugs. Unfortunately, it took 3 attempts to get it in right (the first time it was too close to a vein, etc. etc.). So a painful hour later, I finally didn't have to feel the contractions anymore.

Or so I thought. After a couple hours, I was starting to feel pressure with each contraction, which eventually turned slightly painful. About a 3 on a 1 to 10 scale. By the time the anesthesiologist came in to up my dose - 40 minutes later - I was feeling some serious, serious pain with the contractions that were 1 to 2 minutes apart. I'd give it a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10. Ouch that hurt. Really, really badly.

But the drugs kicked back in and I was good to go for the rest of the time. It took until around 11:30 or so for it to be time to push. After everything was set to go, I gave it three good pushes through one contraction and he came out at 11:44.

Since being born, he has mostly been sleeping. He's eaten a few times and been disturbed with needles, being checked over, and being given a bath. I'd say his first 8 hours in the outside world haven't been too bad (wow, has it been 8 hours already?).

My mom brought the kids to see Luke around 4:30. Erin was squealing and very excited to see her new brother. Noah had a blank expression and didn't really know what to think. I'm sure it won't take him long to warm up to him. In about a year, they are going to be a duo of trouble.


So that's it. I've had dinner and a wonderful hot shower. It was good to get out of those hospital clothes. Luke is sleeping peacefully in his bassinet and I just saw that Sean has fallen asleep on the pull-out futon. Guess I should get some rest soon. Hope it's a quiet night.

I'll get a bunch more photos up when I get home. We should be able to leave tomorrow afternoon if all goes well.

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Waldie said...

Wow! Miss checking blogs for a day and look what happens. We prayer for you guys yesterday at morning prayer. Maybe that got things moving. Congratulations on baby Luke. We hope to meet him someday. Much love.